(Amala, Shikakai and Reetha Powder) Combo Pack of 100gms each

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Product details of (Amala, Shikakai and Reetha Powder) Combo Pack of 100gms each

Combo Pack of Amala Shikakai and Reetha.
All these are very useful for hairgrowth, reducing hairfall, premature greying.
Amla powder is a powerhouse of nutrients.
It is rich in Vitamin C, calcium and ironIt helps in boosting your immunity naturally.
It reduces the risk of heart disease by regulating the build up of bad cholestrol.
It is great for hair. Reduces dandruff and prevents hairloss.
Shikakai Powder is a rich source of Vitamin A, C, D, E and K.
Reetha Powder is a natural cleanser for hair and is commonly known as soapnuts.

Amala being a very rich source of Vitamin C, iron and calcium,is a health treasure. It also offers a number of beauty benefits for your hair and skin. It is a full of antioxidants and also increases the immunity. It is great for hair growth, preventing dandruff and makes the hair shiny.

Benefits of Amala:

​Helps in managing weight management.​Natural blood purifier.​Helps in improving vision.Boosts hair growth.Improves pigmentation and skin texture.​Builds resistance to fight cold and flu.

Shiakai is a rich source of Vitamin A, C, D, E and K. It can be used in the form of shampoo to clean hair, used in making hair oil and even as hair masks to nourish the hair and help it to grow fast.
Benefits of Shikakai:

Fights dandruffGives you stronger, thicker hair.Prevents a dry scalp.Delays grey hair.

Reetha is a natural cleanser.
Benefits of Reetha:

Naturally cleanses the hairMakes the hair shiny and helps hair grow faster.If mixed with water to make and paste and massaged on hair it reduces the dandruff and is also used in removing lice from scalp.

Tips: Soak Amala powder Shikakai powder and Reetha powder overnight in luke warm water. Boil the water next day. Cool mash and strain it. Use the liquid as natural shampoo. Remember it will not lather as much as shampoo but it works great for hair.

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