Hemp Seeds (अचार खाने भांग गेडा)- 200 grams

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  • Hemp seeds are nutritionally superior to flax & chia
  • Balanced ratio of essential fatty acids
  • Hemp seeds offer all 10 essential amino acids
  • Great source of dietary fiber
  • Source of key vitamins and minerals
  • 25% of calories are high quality protein
  • Fights bad cholesterol and skin clots
  • Helps improve skin conditions

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Ways to eat hemp seeds

Hemp seeds can be eaten in so many different ways. It just really depends on your creativity. Here are just a few common ways to eat them:

Eat raw as a snack.

Mix into your smoothie.

Sprinkle on top of cereal, salads, yogurt, or even oatmeal.

Substitute hemp hearts for breadcrumbs to coat chicken or fish.

Blend with water to make hemp seed milk.

Ground hemp seed to use it as a condiment.

Toasted hemp seeds can be eaten like popcorn.

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