Spray Water Gun


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  • High Pressure Capacity.
  • Easy to connect with pipe and operate
  • ABS material, durable and lightweight
  • 5-pattern water spray, ideal for vehicle washing and garden watering
  • It can also be used to clean windows, floors, bathrooms, balcony, kitchen
  • Fast reaction to work, 5 functions: flat, shower, mist, jet, soaker
  • Light weight and portable.
  • Durable Gun Water Spray is ideal for garden watering and vehicle cleaning, etc.

The Gun Nozzle Water Lever Spray is made of solid plastic body-plated, and the flexible hose connector is also constructed of plastic material. Adjustable spray nozzle adjusts from pencil point to fan spray pattern .Total 5 different spray modes, Tough, high impact molded body.

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