VegWash/Vegetable Wash 500ml

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  • Herbal Vegetable and fruits washing liquid.Helps in deep cleaning and removal of bacteria from vegetables and Fruits
  • Usage: Take 5-10 ml and dilute in 1 Ltr. Water and soak Fruits and Vegetables in it for 5 minutes. And then, wipe them with a clean cloth
  • Contains : Neem, Tulsi and Lemon.

Direction for use:

All you need to do is after coming from market, Wash all your vegetable and fruits with Nivogreen Vegwash. You need to dilute vegwash in 1 litre water with 5-10ml solution in clean water then soak all vegetables and fruits for at least 5 minutes, then take it off and let them dry on a dry towel or a clean clothes and then store in it in a refrigerator.

Vegwash is vegetable & fruit cleaner Liquid Manufacturer combined with the rich experience of Vegwash safely and effectively removes germs, bacteria, fungus and dirt found on the surface of the fruits and vegetable.With 100 % safe ingredients, it is an effective and safe solution with no added preservative , smell or residue that gives a hygienic shield to fruits and vegetables making it healthier for your consumption. It safeguards your family’s health and cleans the fruits and vegetables instantly.Throughout the ages, we have always been made to understand that Vegetables and Fruits are the best form of nourishment over other food sources. This is now a fact proven by Modern Science & Medicine.Humans are advised to consume vegetables and fruits in their natural form to get maximum nourishment & benefit from these food sources.Unfortunately, the fruits and vegetables that we consume can also be a source of many diseases, even Cancer, as these vegetables and fruits are exposed to many contaminants.One of the first products developed by us is Veg Wash born out of necessity as there was a clear requirement to clean our vegetables and fruits with 100% Natural materials. It removes bacteria and cleans away, dirt and contaminants, without leaving any residue on the product!

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